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One of the most wonderful days of your life is certainly coming up and also you want everything to be perfect. But there are so many things think of and plan for – it can be quite overwhelming. But did you know that there are some Enhance wedding traditions that can choose a day far more magical and unique?

The most important service is the wedding itself yet there are also various other traditions that may come as a surprise to you. One of them is definitely oczepiny, a tradition where the bride would take off her veil at nighttime and buy a new toothbrush with a fairly cap referred to as chusta. This kind of symbolized the change of a bride from maiden to hitched woman. It was also a method for her to show that this lady wanted to maintain her younger generation and not develop older too fast.

This ceremony was usually held in the bride’s family property and the bride’s parents welcomed the couple with bread, salt and images of vodka. In addition, they threw gold and silver coins over the newlyweds, a tradition that harkens back to a tender time and ensured prosperity pertaining to the few.

Yet another thing that might amaze you is the fact that the friends provide their chooses to the couple, putting them in a special box named “koperta”. The wishes could be whatever from an extensive life and good health to money and children. Some of the wishes can be very stupendous but it is all in very good fun.

A few weeks prior to wedding the mloda pra (a category of friends and family who carry the bridal bouquet) will visit all the homes inside the village to invite them to the wedding. This is a positive change from the American tradition of sending out invitations by using mail.

When the wedding marriage ceremony is over the bride and groom your reception area followed by the parents. The first dish served is usually soup : a traditional Polish roasted chicken soup named “rosol” or something comparable. It is meant to warm up the stomach ahead of the vodka shots that will be dished up all night. Consequently smaller system of different Polish meals are served. The tables are filled with food as well as the dinner will last until the early morning if you want it to.

Once everyone is sitting down, the maitre’d or group leader makes announcement the parents. They are going to then head to their put on the head table.

The rest of the friends can then be able to their particular places and begin eating. The first menu served is actually soup and the second will be a larger serving of different types of Polish chicken with potatoes or perhaps salads. Thirdly plate will probably be desserts.

In addition to all the meals the Enhance like to have entertaining at their very own weddings and play games. For instance , the groom throws his tie to all the bachelor’s at the wedding party and whoever draws it will be going to get married within a year. The boys can also produce a complete fools of themselves by wearing the female stockings over their minds and picking who the actual best deal with.

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